Slides aren’t just for the playground

August 11, 2013 Leave a comment


Here’s the first SmartSolve I got from Facebook. There’s a university in Germany that built this slide in their building. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an engineering or creative arts building. I don’t think they came up with it just to save on electricity for elevators or escalators. It’s just plain fun! Not to mention quicker than the stairs.

Google it, “German university slide”. There are even videos on YouTube of students using it.

Lesson 14 ~ Gravity – make it work for you
Lesson 15 ~ Make it fun!

Floormat grabbing trash can for the car

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Here’s another grabber. In my wife’s car, trash is all over the place. Slips of paper, wrappers, tissue found in the door handles, side door pockets, cup holders, floor … everywhere. That’s why I was happy when we came accross this in the hardware store. This is a product from Elevo.

For the car, what’s better than a typical small waste bin for trash? One that clips itself to the floormat so that it doesn’t move around while you’re driving.

Lesson9 ~ Make use of what’s near

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Vacation in an Airport

August 5, 2013 Leave a comment


It’s pretty amazing how the Changi Airport of Singapore transformed itself. It’s what you would typically see from cities or countries that improve itself to increase tourists. In Changi they’ve built free cinema theaters, free wi-fi, free big screen sports televisions, gym, shower, sleeping area, giant slide for the young and young at heart, city tours (yes, you go outside the airport), cruises, playground, and others. For my next international trips, I’ll be planning for long layovers in Changi.

Lesson6 ~ Come up with pleasant surprises
Lesson13 ~ Look different (how? lesson in progress)

Bathroom accessory for the office

July 9, 2013 1 comment


Do you have a whiteboard in the office and find yourself reaching for the markers and eraser from a table nearby whenever you need to write something?  Then you think, woudn’t it be great if this whiteboard had a holder for these?  And usually boards don’t have them.  Then you find yourself in the office supplies store looking at expensive holders.  The ones you can attach to the board in various ways.  I found myself in that situation and thought, this is ridiculous.  It’s too much.  Then … ‘idea’, what’s a cheaper alternative to this?  Where else do you need to attach holders to fixed sufaces to put stuff in?  ‘Idea’ … the bathroom!  There’s tons of options for bathroom fixtures, and affordale ones at that.  The one I got that’s in the picture I think is for soap and toothbrushes.  I think.  It attaches perfectly to the board with suction cups.  And it looks good!  You wouldn’t think right away that it’s for the bathroom.

I didn’t think of posting this solution when I got this holder, because I though it was too common.  I got convinced to post it when our office thought it was a good idea, and decided to buy several more for all the other whiteboards in the office.  Now, I see it alll aroud the office, attached to the whiteboards.  So that I think is worthy of being posted.

Lesson10 ~ The cheaper alternative is in another store

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Facebook as a magazine



Flipboard. An iOS app from … Flipboard. It turns the layout of Facebook and a few other sites into what looks like magazine articles. It simply makes it easier to read. Then, you can amusingly flip through the articles as you would with the pages of a magazine. In the iPad you flip horizontally like a real magazine. In the iPhone it’s horizontal because that’s what you’d naturally do with your thumb. As far as making things easy goes, you can’t get any simpler than that.

Lesson12 ~ Don’t force it
Lesson13 ~ Look different (how? lesson in progress)

Cinema seat can-holder under the arm-rest

June 26, 2013 Leave a comment


Where do I put my soda can?! They don’t have one of those holders at the end the arm rest that makes the can or paper glass get in the way of your hands?! … Oh, it’s under the arm rest where the can won’t get in the way. … Ok, that’s refreshing.

Lesson6 ~ Come up with pleasant surprises
Lesson8 ~ Make things even more easier
Lesson9 ~ Make use of what’s near

Cart-holding inclined walkalator

December 29, 2012 Leave a comment


There I was on my way from the grocery level, taking the inclined walkalator to go down to the parking level.  I held the shopping cart’s handle firmly thinking “How lousy the way they set-up an inclined walkalator knowing that people will be using it with carts heavily loaded with groceries …”, then SNAP!  Just as soon as the back wheels rolled on, I felt the entire cart rigid and locked onto the moving steel floor below it.  And slowly, I let go.  Hands free!  Brillant.

Lesson2 ~ Avoid stressful experiences
Lesson7 ~ Take away a to-do from your customer
Lesson8 ~ Make things even more easier
Lesson9 ~ Make use of what’s near


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